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Bakery ,Pastry ,Cookie& Sandwich Bags #G37

Product Description

Item Number:G37

Paper Types:
Virgin food-grade brown/ white kraft paper PaperWeight: 35-60 g/m2
Handle Types:N/A
Handle Colors: N/A
Printing Colors: 7 colors
Printing Inside: N/A

Size Ranges:
Width 60-500 mm /2.36"-19.69" inches  Height 75-410 mm /2.95"-16.14" inches Gusset 30-140 mm / 1.18"-5.51" inches

* 40/50GSM Food-grade white kraft paper (grease-proof/one side coated)
* 40/50GSM Food-grade brown kraft paper (grease-proof/one side coated)

Item Code :GNWP70NA

Bag Dimensions(mm) :70x160x40mm ( Width x Height x Gusset ) 

Bag Dimensions (inch):2.75"x6.3"x1.57" ( Width x Height x Gusset ) 

Item Code :GNWP86NA   

Bag Dimensions(mm):86x260x51mm 

Bag Dimensions (inch):3.38"x10.23"x2" 

Item Code :GNWP110NA 

Bag Dimensions(mm):110x160x44mm 

Bag Dimensions (inch):4.33"x6.3"x1.73" 

Item Code :GNWP118NA 

Bag Dimensions(mm):118x102mm 

Bag Dimensions (inch):4.65"x4" 


Pinch bottom bags are the essential packaging solution for bakeries, pastry shops, cafes and fast food restaurants. Our bags are made by state-of-art German machines with an output of 2,000 bags/minute, including with and without gusset are available. These bags are made with food-grade white paper and kraft paper which are recyclable and eco-friendly, and they are printed with non-toxic water-based ink to ensure the safety. We recently developed an innovative pinch bottom bag with perforation and sticker. When the food is packed in the bag, customers can enjoy the food by peeling the top half part of the bag.

Our Standard Sizes   *More sizes available, please contact a us for more information.